Strategic Design Green Infrastructure

During his career, the strategic landscape design undertaken by Alex Schlicke on a number of projects has been recognised for its high quality and promoted as case studies by Scottish Government, the Landscape Institute, SNH and local authorities:

  • The design of the Green Infrastructure for Owenstown was selected by the Landscape Institute as the case study in its Position Statement on housing, to represent the concept design stage in using landscape analysis to understand the site. Download (pdf)
  • The greeenspace strategy for the East Kilbride Community Growth Area, linking new parks, active routes, wildlilfe corridors and sustainable drainage along the route of the Gill Burn corridor was selected by the Scottish Government as an exemplar in how green infrastructure can be incorporated into placemaking at all scales. Download (pdf)
  • The woodland planting along the countryside edge of the Bett Homes development at Mydub, in Denny, Falkirk, was designed to create an Integrated Habitat Network between two existing areas of woodland. The design solution was promoted by Falkirk Council, and included by SNH, as a best practice case study detailing where Integrated Habitat Network data has been successfully used in the planning process. Download (pdf)